Best Franchises Under $200K

Willing to make a decent-sized investment towards being a business owner but not wanting to have to build up a company reputation from scratch? Becoming a franchisee is an attractive option, providing the benefits of tried-and-tested products, brand recognition, and loyal clientele when starting a business.

Franchises vary widely in scope and industry, so prospective franchisees need to consider their personal interests as well as initial costs and franchise trends before buying a franchise. Below is a list of diverse options of franchises under $200k.

Best Franchises Under $200K

Sandler Training

Sandler Training, a longtime business coaching company, offers services, including sales mastery, corporate training, and executive coaching. With international reach but a local touch, Sandler offers an organizational growth model based on sustainable behavior change, featuring a variety of programs for business development. The franchise fee is $79,000, with a suggested net worth of $250,000 for the ideal franchisee. Franchise owners start with sales mastery and then expand their location’s offerings working with businesses over time.

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Club Pilates

Club Pilates, as the fastest-growing fitness franchise, the largest pilates brand in the world, and one of the world’s largest franchised fitness brands, is a great franchise under $200k, especially for those passionate about health and improving the customer experience. Franchisees open their own pilates studio offering classes following the company’s four-step model ranging from foundation to mastery, earning most of their profit from selling memberships. With an initial $60,000 franchise fee and ongoing 7% royalty on general gross sales with 2% on marketing fund gross sales, Club Pilates offers lower fees as compared to other franchises in their industry.

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One of the most unique franchises under $200k, uBreakiFix offers professional same-day electronics repairs with free diagnostics, quick turnaround, 90-day warranty, and a low-price guarantee. Certified technicians are trained to fix various electronics, from screen replacements on iPhones to complicated computer diagnostics and repair. Franchisees will open their own location, offering these repair services for an approximate initial investment of $150,000, though the total cost will vary based on location and size.

More information: uBreakiFix


A year-round learning center company with the mission to help every child understand and master math, Mathnasium is a franchise under $200k dedicated to providing neighborhood environments where humanity combines with math expertise. Franchisees become licensed to use the Mathnasium name and business system, which includes education, marketing, financial, and operations branches. In return, Mathnasium pledges to potential center owners that the initial fees are “under $150,000 and you’re in business,” since US franchisees pay $49,000 at signing along with the expenses for instructors, retail rent, advertising, and royalties, which are $500 per month and 10% of gross receipts. Franchisees become licensed to use the Mathnasium name and business system, including education, marketing, financial, and operations branches.

More information: Mathnasium

Kona Ice

Franchises under $200k are typically all about prioritizing location, but with Kona Ice, a mobile shaved ice truck company, business is both mobile and fun. Their business model allows customers to flavor their own shaved ice. Kona Ice requires a $20,000 cash deposit for franchisees, covering the $15,000 franchise fee and $5,000 deposit on the truck, which costs approximately $120,000; so, along with the $5,5000 inventory pack, the total initial cost for franchising is just over $140,000. With the mobile nature of this franchise opportunity, owners experience low overhead costs and a completely flexible schedule.

More information: Kona Ice

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Funding Opportunities For Franchises

Prospective franchise owners have a range of options to fund their business, but most individuals will rely at least partially on loans. Secured loans require borrowers to put up collateral, which places personal or business assets at risk. Instead, unsecured loans offer direct access to funds with more flexibility of use without any collateral requirement. Startup loans, business loans, and even personal loans that are unsecured prove attractive to possible franchisees as simple and fast funding opportunities for franchises.

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