Best Franchises Under 100K to Buy in 2021

Becoming a franchisee is an attractive option with the advantages of running your own company while still having the benefits of an established brand and service. Franchise owners have the freedom to be their own boss without having to build up a company reputation. Instead, they receive brand recognition benefits and often start with an already established loyal clientele base. There are franchises in many industries, allowing prospective owners to choose a franchise that coincides with their interest, available capital, and experience. And many of these franchises are more affordable than you may think – here are some franchise opportunities under $100k to consider.

Best Franchises Under $100K to Buy in 2021

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted is an international B2B franchise as well as the world’s largest branded products and marketing franchise. The promotional products industry is booming. In a survey conducted by, 88% of respondents said they remembered a brand if they received a promotional item, and 85% confirmed they did business with a brand after receiving a promotional item. Fully Promoted franchisees are all-inclusive shops for many promotional products, including branded apparel, keychains, mugs, and more. With a franchise fee of $49,500, entrepreneurs can leverage the success of this multi-billion dollar industry and reputation established by Fully Promoted to enrich their lives and be their own boss.

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Kumon Math & Reading Centers

Kumon, the #1 ranked education franchise in 2021, hosts centers offering their step-by-step self-learning method of short, incremental assignments fostering concept mastery. Each center serves as a central provider of resources distributing the Kumon worksheet system. With covered expenses up to $36,000, a franchise fee of $1,000, and an initial investment range starting just under $75,000 (depending on location), a new Kumon Center represents a financially stable franchising investment. This franchise under $100k proves to be a low risk since they offer a free informational webinar and refundable training kits.

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Matco Tools

Matco Tools, a company that makes and sells a range of professional automotive repair tools, proves to be one of the best franchises under $100k by offering low start-up costs, low overhead, and flexible financing options for franchise owners. Buying discounted inventory from the company, franchise owners then sell tools to customers, involving a time payment reserve account and truck lease. Qualifying franchisees may receive in-company franchising for up to $30,000 in startup expenses in addition to the offered $89,000 covered for the initial inventory, which typically ranges between $63,000 and $86,000, and its associated starting costs.

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For those looking for franchises under $100k that prioritize personal relationships with clients, MaidPro is a great fit. A home cleaning business with a wide range of services, MaidPro offers flexibility through three investment option plans, ranging from the select franchise with an initial franchise fee of $20,000 to the multi-unit franchise with a total minimum investment of $171,610. With no required marketing spend or royalty fees, MaidPro prides its business on being friendly and flexible for franchisees.

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A real estate franchise opportunity under $100k may sound too good to be true. Still, HouseMaster offers affordable franchising rates and corporate systems that drive committed loyalty (not just for customers, but for franchisees too, with even third-generation owners). HouseMaster, a neighborly home services company, offers services from home inspection to repair to decoration. This franchise’s initial fee under $100k is $42,500 with an additional fee per subsequent territory, with an initial investment range starting just over $60,000.

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RSVP Advertising

RSVP Advertising is a fast-growing franchise under $100k, a company offering direct marketing solutions that target qualified leads to drive business growth. This company tailors personalized advertising mailers sent to the top homes around peak buying seasons. RSVP franchises boast a proven ROI; most advertisers see a 10x return with a steady sales potential, and many franchise owners renew 70–80% of clients to yearly contracts. With only a $15,000 initial franchise fee which includes the cost for training, most startup costs go directly back into the franchisee’s business.

More information: RSVP Advertising

Funding Opportunities For Franchises

Even for franchises under $100k, finding the right funding sources are critical to l success in purchasing a franchise. While there are options to finance the business partially with the franchisor, funding still principally comes from secured or unsecured loans.

Secured loans like SBA loans are often a go-to for franchise purchases. With the SBA, a borrower looking to invest in a franchise may consider a 7(a) loan. SBA 7(a) loans are the primary program offered by the SBA to aid small businesses. Because there are numerous types of 7(a) loans, a borrower should consider factors such as the capital they require or the timeline of their project to find the ideal loan.

SBA loans take a lot of time, require financial projections and collateral, and take a long time from application to approval. Likewise, since secured loans require a collateral commitment, they can pose a more significant risk. If you default on a secured loan, you are risking your hard-earned assets that were put up for the loan’s collateral.

With an unsecured loan, a borrower can get the capital they need without or risking their business or personal assets. Unsecured loans typically (but not always) have higher interest rates, but the flexibility of use and direct access to funds without having to leverage collateral makes this an attractive funding opportunity for franchisees, especially for a start-up loan. Whether considering a personal loan or a business loan, unsecured loans provide options to start businesses by providing funds quickly and at affordable terms.

Invest in Your Ideal Franchise with UFS

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