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Why consumers and businesses choose UFS

In a digital world where a simple internet search of the terms “business loan” or “personal Loan” will yield a vast multitude of options. How do you know you are choosing the right one? How do you know where you will get the best interest rates and the best product for you? How many applications will you have to try before bumping into just ONE decent option for unsecured lending?

UFS prides itself on its friendly guidance and professional expertise. Clients benefit from over 15 years of traditional and non-collateralized lending experience, coupled with the ability to help sort through a variety of funding options while explaining the choices in an understandable way.  Unsecured Funding Source provides consumers and small business owners access to the most aggressive unsecured credit providers in the country.

UFS’ knowledge of the industry is second to none, ensuring that clients will benefit from our “insider’s edge” and get the absolute best offers available in this wide ranging market.

The best loan products for your needs, not our benefit

Unsecured Funding Source will always give you realistic funding scenarios rather than simply telling you what you want to hear. UFS realizes that results are far more important than empty promises when undertaking the important task of borrowing money. Whether the rights solution for you is an unsecured loan, a traditional loan or a combination of both, you can trust UFS to bring the best solutions to bear.

Clients enjoy piece-of-mind throughout the entire process knowing they are never being misled in any fashion,  since UFS’ ultimate success is 100% dependent on your success!  UFS does not charge any type of upfront fee!  Our commission is only earned when your loan or line of credit is in your hands.  It is with this assurance that clients can comfortably move forward with their funding objective.

Call Unsecured Funding Source today to help meet your funding objective, or simply get started by filling out the quick online application and you will get the answer you need today!

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