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Step into the World of Private Credit Yields

Imagine a world where your investment portfolio consistently delivers above average yields and helps support entrepreneurs. With the Jumpstart Loan Fund, investors can benefit from higher yields, lower volatility, downside management and floating rate exposure. And the cherry on top? The money you invest is used to make a real difference by helping to fund business and franchise ownership dreams.

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We are Experts in Business Acquisition Financing

We have over 15 years of experience and have facilitated over $500M in business and franchise funding. We also understand the private credit asset class and know how to create a sound opportunity for investors. We stand alongside you in this powerful investment venture to help empower both entrepreneurial dreams and your investment goals.

Simple Steps Towards Realizing Your Investment Potential

Investigate the potential of private credit by watching our pre-recorded webinar. If it aligns with your investment goals, let’s talk more in a 1- on-1 meeting.

Accredited investors can invest $50,000 or more in the SEC 506 Reg D Jumpstart Loan Fund, while supporting entrepreneurs.

As an investor, benefit from higher yields, lower volatility, downside risk management and steady income.

Become a Thought Leader – Experience Transformation in Your Investment Strategy

Below are the game-changing benefits you gain with the Jumpstart Loan Fund:

  • Diversify your portfolio via loans to highly vetted entrepreneurs buying established franchises and profitable businesses
  • Enjoy a steady, above average annual yield over the life of your investment and term of the loan portfolio
  • Provide a lifeline to entrepreneurs in need of acquisition capital
  • Hedge against market fluctuations and interest rate volatility
  • Take pride in supporting the dreams of budding entrepreneurs

Start your private credit investment journey with the Jumpstart Loan Fund today – for a safer investment and a brighter tomorrow.

Watch Our 5 Minute Video on Private Credit

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