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Many lenders provide unsecured loans as one product they offer, but they usually specialize in other loan products. We’re a bit different. To get you the best rate we look at both secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit depending on your unique situation.

With over 15 years focused on providing non-collateralized, unsecured loans for person and business use, we are unsecured loan experts. Our insider knowledge, banking industry relationships and expert staff are at your disposal.

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Differences between secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit

The main difference between a secured and unsecured loan is that unsecured loans do not require collateral. In contrast, a secured loan requires the borrower to pledge their home, vehicle, cash or other assets as a guarantee.

In the event the borrower defaults on their loan, the assets are collected by the bank.

For the borrower, this means if they cannot repay the loan, their assets are not at risk. Each lender has their own criteria when evaluating these loans.

My wife and I purchased our neighborhood bar. We had ZERO collateral. These guys made it happen. We were funded about $160K, unsecured. Decent rates, too. Chris Fuller, Craig Johnson, and Alex Cantu are all very polite and professional. They have been a pleasure to work with. Without these guys, we would still be working at our old jobs. Thanks guys!

– Matthew V.

Advantages of an unsecured loan or line of credit

The main advantage of an unsecured loan is that there is no collateral required for the loan.  It works great for borrowers who do not have equity in their homes because it allows them to borrow on their name, their signature if you will, and their established credit history. 

Unsecured loans also work great for those that simply do not want to risk putting their hard earned assets on the line to obtain a loan, or for borrowers who want to make a large purchase like a boat, but want to own the property outright.  These are but a few examples of the numerous uses for an unsecured loan.  

No collateral required

No need to tap into home equity

Minimal documentation

Funds for business or personal use

Frequently asked questions

What is unsecured debt?

Unsecured debt is debt with no collateral backing. Common examples of unsecured debt include loans and credit cards.

How do unsecured loans work?

A consumer or business fills out an application. Based upon a variety of criteria a lender determines if they are willing to loan some or all of the requested amount. When a loan is made available the borrower makes payments just like any other loan obligation.

What happens if I cannot pay back an unsecured loan?

Since unsecured loans are not backed by collateral, in many instances the lender loses the money that they loaned the borrower. In the United States laws vary by state and while there is no collateral to seize, lenders may have other remedies.

Is approval guaranteed with an unsecured loan?

No lender can truly offer 100% approval guarantee, regardless of the loan type, amount, and borrower history. When a lender says they have a 100% approval rate there are always caveats that govern the claim.

How do borrowers qualify for unsecured loans or lines of credit?

Unlike traditional loan products which are collateralize by a home, vehicle or other assets, borrowers qualify for unsecured loans based upon their creditworthiness and income.

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