UFS Unveils Game-Changing Jumpstart Loan Fund, Empowering Acquisition Entrepreneurs with Private Credit

[Red Lodge, MT, October 20, 2023] – UFS, Unsecured Funding Source, a FinTech lender that has facilitated over $500MM in business and franchise purchase loans since 2009, is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Jumpstart Loan Fund. This innovative fund offers accredited investors a unique opportunity to be part of a private credit fund, with a specific focus on lending to well-qualified entrepreneurs for the purpose of acquiring profitable businesses and stable, growing franchises.

The Jumpstart Loan Fund provides investors with access to the rapidly growing private credit market, now the third largest asset class in private markets,with assets under management set to exceed $1.5 trillion by 2025. By participating in this fund, accredited investors can enjoy a range of benefits, including higher yields, consistent annual distributions, and portfolio diversification, all while playing a crucial role in supporting acquisition entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business or franchise ownership.

At the heart of the Jumpstart Loan Fund mission lies the entrepreneurial spirit. UFS, the Fund manager, is passionate about fostering the growth and success of high-credit, highly-qualified entrepreneurs who aspire to purchase franchises or businesses with proven track records. To achieve this goal, UFS is partnered with FDIC-regulated, chartered banks, ensuring that its loan originations adhere to rigorous regulatory standards while promoting economic development and entrepreneurship.

“We firmly believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive economic growth and create opportunities for both investors and business owners,” said Grant Ferguson, CEO of UFS, the Jumpstart Loan Fund manager. “The Jumpstart Loan Fund allows us to empower highly-qualified acquisition entrepreneurs while offering our investors a path to stable, consistent returns.”

For further details on how accredited investors can participate in the Jumpstart Loan Fund and contribute to the success of aspiring business owners, please visit our website https://unsecuredfundingsource.com/for-investors/.

Unsecured Funding Source (UFS) is the fund manager and loan originator to the Jumpstart Loan Fund. With 15 years of experience, UFS is an expert in business and franchise purchase lending and underwriting. The Jumpstart Loan Fund, powered by UFS, offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in our SEC Reg D 506(c) private credit fund offering.

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