Top 3 Restaurant Trends to Watch Post-COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, restaurants were forced to adapt. Unsurprisingly, the National Restaurant Association identified 2020 as the most challenging year for the restaurant industry – ever.

It seems the worst of it all has passed though, and even as the world slowly becomes more recognizable with more people opting to get vaccinated against the virus, the pandemic has likely changed parts of the restaurant industry for good.

As we look at which of these changes may become the norm, three post-pandemic food trends emerge: increased tech innovation and adoption of digital services, a market primed for growth, and ethical and sustainable considerations.

1.     Increased Technology Innovation

The increased reliance on technology and wide adoption of more digitized services are probably the most visible of these post-pandemic food trends.

As restaurants adapted to the pandemic, older analog systems became less useful and were thus discarded to be replaced by a range of different online ordering and contactless ordering services.

One of the most common ways the industry was able to leverage technology is through the use of proprietary mobile apps which not only make ordering quick and convenient but offer incentives tailored to the user that can foster repeat business. Self-service kiosks and other cashier-less technologies should also become more widespread.

2. How the Market Adapts

This continued adoption of technology leads to another post-pandemic food industry trend – market growth. As operations become more streamlined with apps and contactless ordering systems like self-service kiosks and food delivery becomes more popular, increased sales can be expected. COVID restrictions being lifted in some areas will cause many who were stuck inside for months to emerge and begin to travel again. More health-focused and sustainable eating trends should also drive higher-value sales in mature markets.

3. Sustainability

This increased attention on healthy and sustainable eating means the restaurant industry is making more ethical decisions than ever before. More and more eateries are offering healthier menu items without GMOs, some of which are diet-friendly options or plant-based, and are focusing on sourcing their food responsibly to reduce waste.

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