What Our Clients Have to Say

My wife and I purchased our neighborhood bar. We had ZERO collateral. These guys made it happen. We were funded about $160K, unsecured. Decent rates, too. Chris Fuller, Craig Johnson, and Alex Cantu are all very polite and professional. They have been a pleasure to work with. Without these guys, we would still be working at our old jobs. Thanks guys! Matthew V.

I’ve been working with Ted and he has been nothing but courteous, informative and efficient. In fact Ted gave his honest opinion about rejecting a loan offer because the interest rate was very high. He easily could have suggested that I move forward so he could make a commission, but he explained it would not have been in my best interest. I appreciate that I was able to work with a consultant who had my best interest in mind. I found the experience to be very helpful overall.

C. B.

When I came to your company, I had been turned down for loans from my local banks. After a small talk on the phone, you were able to find me a lender at a wonderful rate, and this went quickly, getting the money I needed. Thank you for your time and the care you and your company put into my loan.

David W.